Sunday, October 30


I have wanted to try out Martha Stewart's new craft paint and finally had a little time to get back to my crafts (I'm taking a 9 week break from my MBA program!).  This print was inspired by a favorite design by Egg Press.  

How to: I carved out my stamp out of foam and glued it to an acrylic block. I then used Martha Stewart's Satin Craft Paint in Blueberry and printed on pre-washed Tea Towels. I made a set of two and they look great! I love the handmade look to it with all the imperfections. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 12

DESIGN: Whales

My latest animal obsession has been with whales... they are just incredibly beautiful creatures and never cease to impress by both their size and their grace.  Here are some of my favorite finds.Enjoy! 

Moby Dick; $4.50


Check out this neat sustainable cabin brought to you by my husband's alma matter, Texas Tech. 

DESIGN: Pigeon Toe

Beautiful work by Pigeon Toe...

DESIGN: Rainy Day Fund

Lovely little rain drop bank was designed by Rita Bothelo and is available at the MoMA.

Thursday, June 2

FASHION: Braided Crown

Hooray for another Hair Tutorial from A Cup of Joe! I love the braided crown look and these step by step instructions help you achieve the fabulous look!  I am still growing my hair out so hopefully by end of summer... I'll have my own little braid! 

FASHION: Hound Spring 2011


One of my favorite Sneak Peeks on Design* Sponge: Jessica Lynch of Slow Shirts.  I just LOVE her fireplace as she created it from salvaged metal... genius! 

Monday, May 30

INTERIOR DESIGN: Industrial Lighting

I love mixing the old with the new and one of the best way to add a little historic charm to your interior is with the lighting.  Here are some designs that inspire me... enjoy!

VINTAGE FINDS: Lucky Little Dot

Many of you know that I am a little obsessed with Lucky Little Dot. I just love their collection of unique vintage and industrial items.  Here is a run down of my latest favorites from their lovely etsy shop! Enjoy!


This is such an incredibly beautiful 4th of July party... but how fun for Memorial Day! I am in the mood for neighborhood block parties, relaxing by our fire pit and enjoying long evenings outside. *love*

DESIGN: Ink + Wit

Tara Hogan of Ink + Wit is one of my favorite designers - she has mastered the ability of keeping designs simple yet adding enough detail to make them fresh and interesting.  I was so excited when I found out that she was now selling her designs as stamps! Check out the Arctic Friends Stamp set here.

Sunday, May 22

DESIGN: Isabelle Abramson

I am simply amazed by the beautiful intricate detail of this porcelain fruit bowl... so feminine and delicate!  Check out the rest of Isabelle Abramson's amazing collection here.

OUTDOORS: Whimsical Treehouse

Architect Robert Harvey Oshatz has created this amazing artistic piece of architecture in the woods of Portland, Oregon, for a client who’s love of music would be translated into a modern home. So much fun!

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