Thursday, March 31

Oh Happy Day!

I've been married to the man of my dreams for 5 years!! It is amazing how quickly time flies on by when you are having fun.  To celebrate, I wanted to share some photos from our special day with all of you!  We went for a mix of eclectic & vintage elements to help create our special day. We were married in a beautiful garden next to a historic bank building down in Texas, my dress had hand-sewn lace petals on the bottom and our reception tables were decorated with a variety of candle holders from Anthropologie and hand-sewn center mats by my mom using vintage floral fabrics. My husband loved Dr. Pepper so we mixed things up by toasting with vintage Dr. Pepper bottles... it was so much fun!  Photos by Stan Patyrak and re-edited by yours truly.

 My dress, by Susan Wong
Our reception tables... candle holders and bowls from Anthropologie,
my mom made the center mats from vintage fabrics and we made the
"conversation" books which contained fun questions and little facts about the bride & groom.
My dad coming to see me before we walk down the isle!
 Ready to become Mr & Mrs!!
 I love this group shot of our close family and friends... such a fabulous day!!
 We had so much fun together!
A little toast with our vintage Dr. Pepper bottles!


It has officially been 5 years since I first got married (yay!) and that means I have had the same dishes in my kitchen for quite some time now!  I don't know who the new West Elm buyers are but I believe they have been following me around taking notes as I LOVE their new kitchen items!! Each one of these pieces has been on my "nice to have" list for upgrading my kitchen for a while and I just love the how each piece has such a fun handmade look to it.  Here is my kitchen love list... Enjoy!
Hive Vase (for fresh cut flowers from the garden!) 

Wednesday, March 30

DESIGN: Today I wil...

Using this mini goals chalkboard is such a lovely little way of writing down your daily goals!  I also love the packaging - it is just so darn adorable!

SHOPPING: Butter Home

One of my new favorite home decor shops is Butter Home in Capitol Hill, Seattle.  The shop has such a great selection of new and vintage finds.  I picked up a great wire catch-all basket for less than $20!  They also have a great selection of Edison light bulbs & quirky stationary.

SHOPPING: Haven Vintage

Haven Vintage is one of my favorite vintage etsy shops as it is just so well curated! I love browsing through the pages and finding new things that end up on my wish list! Here are my latest favorites:

Monday, March 28

ART: The Black Apple

Emily Martin of The Black Apple is so incredibly talented!  She has such a wonderful way of capturing a magical world and making you feel like you are a part of it.  I have a print of Mysterious Genevieve in my art room as it never ceases to inspire me as it challenges me to see things through a child's eyes where the impossible is possible. Enjoy!

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

I LOVE my new Stumptown Coffee Roasters coffee jar - it is so pretty!  It is selling for a limited time so make sure to pick yours up at your local Stumptown Coffee Roasters!

Friday, March 25

INTERIOR DESIGN: Dwell Studio Rugs

The latest batch of Dwell Studio rugs are so pretty!!  I love the stripe runner featured on Velocity Art & Design, check it out here!  

DESIGN: Favorite Before + After Projects

I don't know about you, but I love a good make-over.  Some of my favorite interior design make-overs have been seen on Design Sponge (love them!).  Here is a small sampling of my favorites... a little inspiration to change things up!  Enjoy!

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