Friday, March 4


Photo by Laura Ford @ Capitol Hill downtown Seattle

Week in review ::  It has been one busy week!! I got home from my business trip to Australia on Sunday and I am recuperating from jet-lag (ugh!) but a couple sessions of Hot Yoga definitely has help with readjusting to things!  Eames and Orla have been stalking my every move just to make sure I'm not leaving them again! haha  They are so adorable!  This weekend I am looking forward to catching up with my girlfriend, Erin, and her gorgeous little girl, Charlie, and I imagine the husbie and I will take the pups on one of the fabulous nature trails near our house.  What are you doing this weekend?

Here are some of my favorite things to help start your weekend:

FASHION:  English Rose Kimono Blouse by Anthropologie  - I love the feminine style of this top! It would look gorgeous with dark skinny jeans and red oxfords.

HOME DECOR: Concert Folding Chair by Urban Outfitters - This chair would look great in any little nook or in a bedroom with a stack of books on it.  So simple yet so fun!

IN THE KITCHEN:  Homemade Pizza - those that know me, know that I LOVE making homemade pizza! I was excited when I saw this fun post by OhJoy! 

IN PRINT: Schooldays Crush Thank You Cards by Chewing The Cud - These old school thank you notes are so cute! I love the idea of leaving them in random places thanking loved ones for all that they do (like a secret admireer!)

TEXTILES:  Dear Sweetheart Notebook Paper Pillow - In keeping with the old school theme, this love note that is also a pillow is just awesome! 

TRAVEL:  African Safari - Yes, I will admit that I have been watching The Bachelor this season and I am LOVING all of the fun travel spots that they have visited - but I have to say that the African Safari was by far my favorite! My husbie saw it on TV and he is the one who actually found their website! LOVE IT!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. I just love the things that you find. :) They're so clever and creative and I love that you love them so much. Thank you for sharing these things!

    Have fun with Erin and Charlie this weekend!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks lady!! We need to have a homemade pizza+ girly movie night!! Maybe invite some of the other CG ladies!! =D

  4. ps... the deleted post was my fault! haha

  5. We're super excited to play...I swear it's all Charlie's been talking about :)

  6. lovely selection! Thanks for mentioning my notecards:)

  7. You know, I've never done homemade pizza. I mean, other than English muffin pizza (which doesn't really count). :) Let's hang out soon!!


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