Monday, February 28

FASHION: Baby, It's Cold Outside

This morning I woke up to large fluffy snowflakes falling in my backyard.  It was a nice little welcome home and a fun reminder that yes, it is still winter!  We have a couple more weeks left to enjoy all the winter sweaters and boots before we shed the layers and sport spring dresses.  Here are some of my favorite winter looks:

The Art of Salk + Flurry

Nikki Salk and Amy Flurry are two seriously talented ladies who have mastered the art of making paper art installations .  Below are some of their gorgeous paper wigs but you have to check out their amazing portfolio here.


Recently I was in Australia for work and I came across some great local shops and designers.  I didn't get to visit them all in person but here is a rundown of my favorites:
Dinosaur Designs.  Unique scandinavian designs
Funkis. A little bit of everything from shoes to wallpaper.
Papaya.  Housewares inspired by nature.
Typo. Beautiful stationary, home decor and office items. 
That Store.  Great collection of denim.
Edit.  The results of when two amazingly talented stylists merge.
Little Joe. Fun dresses and summery tops.
Outre Gallery. Interesting collection of art.
Willow. Gorgeous clothes that have graced the pages Australian Vogue and displayed at New York Fashion week.
T2. By far the coolest tea shop I have ever been too.  
Witchery. I love their selection of dresses.
Third Drawer Down.  Lovely selection of tea towels.
Cloth Fabric.  Beautiful textiles.
Kirrily Johnston.  Unique take on fashion using simple colors and shapes
Handmade Canberra. Like a local etsy marketplace, this is a great site for handmade items.  I also love their blog... some fun ideas!   

Sunday, February 27


I love it when you are sitting on an airplane and you are flipping through the airline's magazine and you actually come across an article that makes you want to take the magazine home and rip out the image to put on your inspiration board... I had one of those moments this past week when I saw Greg Hatton's Teepee's featured in Qantas's magazine. Seriously gorgeous work and it gets even better when you check out his gallery! Here are some of my favorites photos from this fabulous blog post by the Design Files:


I love accent chairs! They are such a great way to incorporate fun quirky design or you can go for the more classic look.  I currently have a fun modern yellow accent chair as part of my gray / white / yellow color pallet but I am loving these fun chairs:
Clockwise: Steelwood, Emco, Valdemar, Uniform   

Saturday, February 19

DESIGN: The Great Pumpkin

I was flipping through the lasted edition of Quantas (the magazine) on my Sydney to Canberra flight and I saw this AMAZING pumpkin on the Travel News bit.  I almost wish I could devert my flight and head straight to the Naoshima Island as it is a Japanese Island dedicated to art - seriously!! It is an entire island of art featuring some of the most innovative sculptors, painters and multimedia artists.  Love it!!

Wednesday, February 16


Some days I just feeling like packing up and escaping to a hidden place where I can kick back, relax and breath in the night air without thinking about my ever growing to-do list. I love this cabin as the walls open to the outdoors so it is almost like you are camping but more fun!  

Tuesday, February 15


Gorgeous collection from Australian Fashion Designer, Juli Grbac, who was the first winner of Project Runway Australia

DESIGN: The Edison Lightbulb

Lately I have been obsessed with vintage lighting... especially the "Edison" incandescent light bulb.  There is such beauty in the way the bulb lights up and provides a warm yellowish glow.  I have eco-friendly lighting throughout our house but I still love the vintage charm of the these light fixtures:

Monday, February 14

DESIGN: Decorating with Chalkboards

I love the trend of using chalkboards framed with reclaimed wood.  It has such a great mix of rough + elegance. I've been thinking about finding a nice sized piece to hang above our bed with an old fashioned heart around it with our initials inside... something like this but done in chalk!

Here is a collection of gorgeous ways to use chalkboards / chalkboard paint:

Sunday, February 13

DESIGN: Herringbone + Chevron

This rug really adds a punch of boldness to the space.
Check out the details of this wall!
Check out the DYI instructions here.
Check out the DYI instructions here.
Great color transition of this Chevron print.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this painted rug
If you can't paint one, this is a good option by West Elm.

DESIGN: Dee Beales

GORGEOUS print by one of my favorite print designers, Dee Beales. This print is entitled " Winter Ptarmigan" and is based on two Ptarmigan, which are small game birds found in the highest mountains of the Scottish Highlands, that lose their grey and brown feathers and become totally white in the winter.  So beautiful!  The prints are hand printed via a Japanese Gocco (Screen Printing) Machine.  I have her "Scandinavian Red Hare" print in my hallway!

Friday, February 11


Photo by Laura Ford @ Kent, WA

Week in review :: What a week! I am really looking forward to this weekend as I am scheduled to take photos for a co-worker and her fiancé on Saturday, weather permitting, and we hope to get our fireplace installed! Of course we will squeeze a little Valentine's Day fun on Sunday but the details will be a surprise! 

I hope you have been enjoying E+O Supply as I have loved sharing things that inspire me.  And speaking of inspiring... here are some favorite things to help start your weekend:

FASHION: These Marc by Marc Jacobs wedges are like candy for your feet!

HOME DECOR: I love this GORGEOUS Valentine's Day Table!

IN THE KITCHEN: These delectable Valentine's Day Mini Cakes look AMAZING!

IN PRINT:  I love the Valentine's Day card selection at Luxe Paperie.

TEXTILES: These Scrabble Letter Pillows are so much fun... and great for Scrabble lovers like my husbie + me!

TRAVEL: How amazing would it be to spend Valentines at the HÔTEL DU JEU DE PAUME in downtown Paris!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!

Thursday, February 10

DESIGN: the Marais A Chair

Showing a little love for the Marais A Chair, which was designed by Metalworker Xaiver Pauchard in France (1934).  Viewed as the quintessential cafe chair it adds a vintage / eclectic element to modern decor.  Love it!

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