Below is a small collection of art that I have created.  I am a Seattle native & have been painting for over 15 years... loving every minute of it!!   Enjoy!!

"Read Between the Lines"

Represents the struggle with convoluted thought. How we as a people make things so complicated and extreme when things are so very simple and placid. The heated yellows and reds bleed into the cool grays and whites to balance out the intensity of our emotions and passions. 
The empty white spaces represent the solace that we find when we stop. 
when we listen. when we breath.


Reminds me of the beautiful forests in the Pacific Northwest.


 I originally painted it to reflect on the feeling that I get when I lay in the sun but then my husband pointed out the face in it so that kinda makes me think I unintentionally meant to paint a face... regardless, it makes me smile when I look at it.

"Confusion" (SOLD)

Expresses the uncertain and ever changing emotions that we experience. We are not sure which way is up, down - where we are suppose to go, when we should leave, etc. The blooming branches represent our hearts as they continue to move and change through the various trails of our life. They move on in the midst of the unknown.

"I Don't" (SOLD)

Represents the conflicted state of a bride - she is not sure id she should go or if she should run. The sky is tormented just as her heart. The spanish roses surround her as to remind her that she is loved... but she is not sure if that is enough.

"Truth" (SOLD)

Represents the beauty in confrontational topics. There are many people who claim to know many things but there is always an element missing in their campaign to be the next open mind, the next post-modern theologian, the next politician, the next religious bigot... truth.

"War & Peace"

Represents the struggle of war... the bloodiness & chaotic state... how it covers the beauty and simplicity of peace. 
It is stained by the war and it will not forget it.


Represents the death of Jesus Christ

"Beautiful Life" (SOLD)

About 15 layers of paint... this painting represents the beauty of the colors of our world, the people, the way we grown together... the things we should be thankful for.

"Fly Above..."

"Fly above all that is lost.. striving at any cost" Represents our constant struggle to rise above our circumstance.

"Someone Else" (SOLD)

Represents the number of times we wanted to be someone else. We have this notion that things are always better for someone else, that their life is easier, that they have everything figured out and if we could just be them... our problems would be fixed. The beautiful thing is that we were created to be exactly the way we are. The lone "two" represents us with our Creator and together, we are above the need to be everyone else.

"See Through My Eyes" (SOLD)

Depicts the multiple faces we portray (wife, mother, sister, child, friend, etc.) and how we interpret life through those eyes. The colors are moody yet vibrant and they bleed into one another - unable to decipher where one face ends and another begins - just as our roles in life blend together. There is no prejudice or discrimination in our eyes - we take it in & from there we decide who we truly are.

"Trinity" (SOLD)

Represents the many faces of God {Father, Son, & Holy Spirit}

"Study in Red"

Part of an on-going study with the various shades of red and how they effect us.

"Boy Near Water"

A young African American boy sitting on a dock.

Micro Pigment Ink

Represents the beauty in the rainy Seattle Days.

Micro Pigment Ink

Represents Nature's "finger" print.

"Missing Part of Me"
Indian Ink

Represents the struggle of finding ourselves while people and circumstances hold us down. We continually reach out to grasp the last bit of our identity but we are just close enough to see it, not close enough to reach it.

"Save Me"
Indian Ink

Represents our need for someone to reach out and save us from ourselves.

"My Hand"
Indian Ink

An abstract view of my hand.

"Mother" (SOLD)
Indian Ink

Represents the simple beauty that our mothers bring to us with their loving arms.

Zinc Plate Print hand-pressed on rice paper

"These are my thoughts. These are my insecurities. This is my lack of self-confidence, my love of this body.  This is the woman God made. This is my revenge."  Represents the struggle women have with body image and their ability to find freedom in who they were created to be... this is finding the freedom to let it all go and to stand tall and love who you are.

Zinc Plate Print hand-pressed on rice paper

Represents our journey and those who travel with us.

Zinc Plate Print hand-pressed on rice paper

Digital Print (words authored by artist)

Reflects on our inabilty to grant grace to those around us. How we expect to be treated a certain way but we do not treat other the same; we judge them using a variety of scales and let that be our justification for our behavior.
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