Thursday, April 28

Vintage School Phrase Cards

Since I am back in school (it's been a while!), I've been drawn to fun little vintage school items like old wire gym baskets, uniformed black pencils and clipboards to hold my latest inspirations.  I just LOVE these vintage phrase cards from Lack Luster Co.  They are just so fun!

Back to School!

So, I know it has been a while and yes, I do miss all of you! However, I am excited to tell you that I decided to go back to school to get my MBA in Aviation! I just started my classes in March so it's been a little crazy on my side of the fence.  I do hope to continue blogging every now and then just to share little moments of inspiration.  Cheers!

Wednesday, April 6

INTERIOR DESIGN: Rustic Norwegian

TRAVEL: Babylonstoren Farm Hotel in South Africa

Check out the incredibly beautiful Babylonstoren Farm Hotel, which is located in the Simonsberg Mountains just outside of Cape Town in South Africa.  The hotel is built in and around of the oldest Dutch farms and is surrounded by lovely gardens.  It looks so relaxing!

Monday, April 4


Check out this super creative project for Easter by Poppytalk Handmade - love it!!


I am still debating whether or not I want to paint an accent wall in my living room or use wallpaper.  There are so many gorgeous styles out there but I am a little bit of a commitment phobe so it is taking me a while to pick out the right one.  Here is a list of my favorites...

ART: Yellena

What inspires me on a daily basis? This print by Yellena! I have had it sitting on my desk at the office and I just love looking at it everyday... so pretty!

Friday, April 1

Celebrating Easter with Flair

I have always celebrated Easter growing up and I finally get to host an Easter gathering at my house this year! The latest Easter decor from the major chain stores has been less than inspiring so I went searching for fun things that I could use to make the day feel special but without sacrificing good design.  Here are some of my favorite finds... feel free to share your favorites!  Enjoy!
Decorate with unique art, like this bunny print
Vintage Egg Basket
Decorate with Terrariums

ART: Shanna Murray

I love this beautiful illustrated decal by Shanna Murray.  The garland was designed specifically to raise funds to help Japan.  All proceeds from the sales will go directly to ShelterBox to help the victims in Japan.

FASHION: Chris Benz Spring 2011

I am loving the dramatic glamour of Chris Benz's Spring collection.  Each piece is just so fun and feminine that you can't help be feel like a lady of elegance!


Check out these beautiful clay pieces for your home by Rae Dunn.  I love the simplicity and handmade quality of her work - gorgeous texture! Check out her blog and etsy shop
Pourer, $52
Birdhouse, $38.75

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