Friday, April 1

Celebrating Easter with Flair

I have always celebrated Easter growing up and I finally get to host an Easter gathering at my house this year! The latest Easter decor from the major chain stores has been less than inspiring so I went searching for fun things that I could use to make the day feel special but without sacrificing good design.  Here are some of my favorite finds... feel free to share your favorites!  Enjoy!
Decorate with unique art, like this bunny print
Vintage Egg Basket
Decorate with Terrariums


  1. I bet we could make that mobile for a buck. we should try.

  2. I know!! I'm going to make it for Easter dinner... I was to make two! I'm thinking of using those "command" clips on the ceiling so I don't have to poke holes... they have ones where the little hook part moves up or down (like what you have in Charlie's room) so hopefully those will work! =)

    I also saw a post on Design Sponge for making homemade terrariums with jars... I think that would be a fun Spring project! =)


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